ARUN - named after the tranquil waters of the Arun River near Horsham in Sussex, England where family members came from and life is conducive to meditation and writing.

Arun Books is a boutique creator of books with a simple aim of helping writers to get their works read. It helps with editing and typesetting and organises printing by digital means to demand. It encourages writers to place their works on Amazon Kindle or Kobo and helps them do this. For this work it charges a small fee. The writer contracts and pays the printer.

Many New Zealand writers do not know how to get their writings into a form that is readable by their friends and relatives and the public. Regular questions they ponder are:

  • Who can advise them?
  • Who can proof read and edit?
  • How many copies should they print?
  • What will be the cost to them?
  • Is there a market?
  • Can their works be published on the internet?

Stuart Chambers, a life-long writer, has for some years been helping writers to get their works into a readable print format, as well as doing the same for his own writings. In 1975 he published a book called "The Way of the Farmer". This philosophical look at the motivations of farmers, despite being a niche publication, sold over 1100 copies. In 1989 he published "Birds of New Zealand - Locality Guide" under the Arun Books logo. This book has recently gone to its third edition and two editions are on Amazon Kindle. Culminating on the success of these publications he has since helped other authors achieve results.


Arun Books:

  • Considers it better for writers to see their work inside book covers than left in an incomplete state. This way the work becomes finished and allows them to move on to further and maybe greater works.
  • Doesn't believe there is such a thing as "The Great New Zealand Novel", or the perfect novel, or the prize winning novel. Rather it believes every work is notable and important to someone and can be enjoyed by someone. That is why it encourages publishing in very small numbers according to demand. Its service is more to the writer than the reader.
  • Involves authors about all aspects of the manuscript.

Arun Books helps with all kinds of manuscripts. To date these have included:

  • Natural history.
  • Family histories.
  • Life stories.
  • Novels.
  • The making of photo albums from old slides and pictures.
  • Religious topics.

Arun Books will:

  • Do a complete edit.
  • Help with text flow, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar, taking into account the writer’s own style.
  • Look for potential breaches of copyright.
  • Help authors to make alterations if needed.
  • Scan pictures.
  • Set manuscripts for printing in either InDesign, Word or PowerPoint.
  • Design and make covers.
  • Obtain ISBN numbers and barcodes.


  • Arun Books’s aim is to get your work opened to the world so other people can enjoy it.
  • We consider it better for a writer to see his or her work inside book covers or on Amazon Kindle or Kobo, than have it left in an uncompleted state.
  • We believe every work is notable and important to someone and therefore might be enjoyed by someone.
  •  Our services are more about helping writers than readers. That is why we encourage printing only in very small numbers and then according to demand, and encourage writers to place their work on Kindle or Kobo – the way of the future.

Arun Books

  • Edits manuscripts.
  • Sets the script usually in 10 or 11 font depending on author's preference and cost.
  • Designs book covers – with your ideas.
  • Places a synopsis of the book on the back cover with the author’s photograph.
  • Obtains an ISBN number and barcode.
  • With the author decides on the numbers printed up to a first run of 50 books. After the first run has been sold it negotiates further action with the author.
  • Places the book on Kindle or Kobo if so desired.

Arun Books relies on authors to promote and sell their books.

We believe this is the way of the future for novelists. If an author so wishes, we will arrange an upload of your manuscript. Royalties from any sales from Amazon or Kobo would go directly to the author.

Stuart Chambers
21 Puriri Ave
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Phone - +64 9 427 5336
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Arun Books is always happy to help new authors get their books printed or placed on Amazon Kindle so that people can enjoy their work. For this work a fee is charged.